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Consultant Psychiatrist

Work Experience

10+ Years




English, Arabic


Dr. Nael Mohamed is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Reem Hospital. He has more than 10 years of experience in general psychiatry and addiction treatment. Dr. Nael holds an Arab board in psychiatry and is certified in addiction and public health by the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, USA. Dr. Nael’s clinical specialties include substance abuse prevention, psychotherapeutic intervention, individual and group therapy, treatment placement and planning, patient assessment and evaluation, and co-occurring disorders and alcohol abuse.

Prior to joining Reem Hospital, Dr. Nael worked in well-known healthcare facilities in Egypt and the UAE, prescribing treatment procedures based on patients’ bio-psycho-social needs and providing detoxification, rehabilitation, resocialization, relapse prevention, and psychotherapy sessions.  Dr. Nael is an avid writer and has several publications in the field of psychiatry and substance abuse. He is a skilled motivational speaker with interests and activities in teaching and training. He is a designated UNODC Treatnet Master Trainer and trainer for the Unplugged Prevention Program.

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