Reem Neuroscience Center was founded with a focus to align with the strategic medical needs of the UAE health system and provide the society with wellness despite the ever increasing pace and demands of our culture. Today, we carry the burden of modern life as we strive to fulfill our purpose and objectives towards our family and community. Our Western-trained professionals at our center understand these challenges. They are here to help you achieve your personal goals using the highest standards of patient care and well-designed treatment plans and programs.

Zaid Al Siksek




Competent Doctors and Nurses. 💯

Maricel Placido Avatar Maricel Placido
September 5, 2023

All staff are very accommodating and they have a good service! Thank you! 😊🙏

Justine Nicole Magsino Avatar Justine Nicole Magsino
September 5, 2023

Very nice hospital with Good Doctor. Dr Tamer is very good and friendly

Siji Alex Avatar Siji Alex
September 5, 2023

Very well organized neuroscience department.

Adarsh Suresh Avatar Adarsh Suresh
September 5, 2023

Staff are friendly and great

Jerrico Manuel Avatar Jerrico Manuel
September 5, 2023

Very qualified Doctors , excellent service

Wael El Masri Avatar Wael El Masri
August 26, 2023

The best in town

Ahmad Al Avatar Ahmad Al
August 26, 2023

Excellent service, great doctor

Ahmed Mounir Avatar Ahmed Mounir
August 6, 2023

The best doctors ever and the staff very friendly

Amoon Amoon Avatar Amoon Amoon
July 27, 2023

Great experience, best team in a coordinated work place. Really appreciated

Anas Germany Avatar Anas Germany
September 21, 2022

Great clinic great doctors and the staff is very friendly, highly recommended 👍

Bashir Al-Hasrouny Avatar Bashir Al-Hasrouny
September 21, 2022

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