About Dr. Medhat Elsabbahy


Consultant Psychiatrist

Work Experience

36 years


Psychiatric Rehabilitation


English, Arabic


Founder and head of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation department at BSP, SKMC, Abu Dhabi, UAE from 1999 till 2021. Member of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) International Committee, and member of the Advisory Council of the PRA academy , Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry G.M.U , ex-Regional Vice President; EMR World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Trained more than 50 team members to help in initiating three psychiatric rehabilitation units in UAE. Managed to initiate new chapters of WAPR in UAE and the region, and working on initiating chapters in Tunisia, Qatar and Kuwait. Initiated the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Division in the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists since 2010. Organized regional and international conferences; WAPR international conference 2017 held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.Chair of 14th WAPR World Congress 2021 and 7th International conference on Mental Health held in Abu Dhabi. Nominated for the President Elect elections of WAPR 2022. Co-chair of the WPA thematic congress held in Abu Dhabi May 2023. Chair of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Section in the World Psychiatric Association. Nominated by the executive board of WPA as an honorary member of the WPA in Vienna 2023 World Congress of WPA. In December 2023 recognized as Distinguished International Fellow of APA (DIFAPA)

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