About Dr. Marwan El Khoury


Clinical Psychologist

Work Experience

20+ Years




English, Arabic, French


Dr. Marwan El Khoury is a clinical psychologist at Reem Hospital. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field and specializes in treating a wide range of psychological problems using CBT approaches, psychoanalysis, motivational interviewing, existential approaches and more. His specialties include cases of depression, phobias, PTSD, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, assertiveness, and agoraphobia. He is also experienced in treating patients with personality and eating disorders, stress issues, suicidal ideation and more. 

Dr. Marwan holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and psychotherapy from Strasbourg University in France and a diploma in drug prevention and rehabilitation from Saint Joseph university in Lebanon. Prior to joining Reem Hospital, Dr. Marwan worked at well-known institutions in the Lebanon and abroad. He is also a member of prestigious scientific committees in Lebanon and France and always strives to provide quality psychological treatment to his patients.

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